Support us and receive up to 12.5% free credit!


Hi there! :)

By now we know that you're nuts about our products, and therefore we'd like to give you something back! 

We're growing rapidly and in order to be able to have all of your favorite products in stock at all times, we've set up a promotion that helps support that. It won't cost you anything in the long run, and as a thank you for showing your support, we'll add a % on top for free. 

You can see it as making an advance on your upcoming orders :)

By doing this you would help us tremendously!!


How does it work?

1. Choose the amount you would like to prefinance/upfront

  • 250 ANG + 5% free credit
  • 500 ANG + 5% free credit
  • 1000 ANG + 7.5% free credit
  • 1500 ANG + 10% free credit
  • 2000 ANG + 12.5% free credit

For example, if you support us with ANG 1000, you pay ANG 1000 and you will receive credit worth of ANG 1075 to spend on future orders. That is ANG 75 worth of free credit :)

2. Check out and please choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Local bank transfer
  • TIKKIE payment link (NL Bank)

3. You'll receive an email with a unique gift card code that you can use at the checkout to redeem its value. The card holds a balance, which can be spent over multiple orders.