5x Nut Snack Package

0.15 kg

Love having nuts on hand for snacking yet hate the hassle of running to the store? It’s time to end the mid afternoon snack crisis! These nuts are packed in 5 easy to open and resealable bags. A healthier, more convenient way to snack. 

No empty promises to fill your pack with nothing but air, we filled them to the max!  We know how disappointing it can be to open a new bag and finding out it is only half full, so these wholesome, nutty snack packs are full of nuts... and nothing but.

Each package is designed for on-the-go snacking with maximum compactness and convenience. These bags of nuts are perfect for sharing. And we won’t tell if you keep all the goodness to yourself. 


Not a fan of all the packaging? We've got you! Just buy one bigger bag of nuts and store them in an airtight jar or container. For example these cashews, almonds or deluxe nut mix. Take out only what you need and your good to go!