Medium Jar

1.2 kg

This jar is a perfect gift! 

The perfect gift for every occasion: a jar filled with fresh nuts.

Or buy this jar for yourself and get a refill once you run out of nuts!

Our elegantly designed jars are produced by Bormioli Rocco, a leading Italian glass manufacturer. These type of storage jars are from their “Fido” collection. Because of their attractive vintage design, the jars aren’t just perfect for storing and preserving foods, yet they will be a finishing touch to your kitchen interior. 

Elegant and functional, the Fido jars are dishwasher and microwave safe (always remove metal wire and plastic gasket). 

Our Fido storage jars have an airtight bail & seal closures to hermetically seal out air and moisture. Usable from freezer to countertop. Click here to read more about the correct use of the Fido jar.