Goji Maca Bliss Balls

0.035 kg

Goji maca bliss balls made from goji berries, maca powder, almond butter, cashews, walnuts & dates.

These goji maca bliss balls are a unique combination of super energizing ingredients.

Maca is one of the most famous sources of energy. It is a nutritional power root loaded with calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and vitamins that can effectively promote metabolism to provide long-lasting source of strength and endurance. We have added Goji berries to this bliss balls, because they are an antioxidant-rich fruit which also provides natural vitamin C for helping your well-being.

These bliss balls are the perfect snack for your sweet tooth and are also very energizing. 

Enjoy them at any time!

Keep these balls refrigerated (up to minimum of 5 days), or save them in the freezer, lasts up to a month!