Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

Size: 20gr

Our butterfly pea flowers are sourced from wild vines in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They're hand picked at peak season, immediately sun-dried after harvest and naturally preserved.

How to use the blue flowers?

The flowers can be used to make a naturally blue herbal tea. The blue infusion can change color to purple or pink when lemon, lime or other ingredients that change the pH are added.

However, you can use the flowers to add a stunning blue color to all of your cuisine: smoothies, cocktails, desserts, or even to your pasta or curries. 



Butterfly pea flowers have been used in traditional medicines in Southeast Asia for centuries. The flower contains a high amount of anythocyanins: the same antioxidants that can be found in wild blueberries.

100% Natural & Organic | Non-GMO | No Added Sugar | Gluten Free | Vegan